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How to get bigger hips naturally


How to get bigger hips naturally

A lot of women nowadays are wondering about how to get bigger hips naturally , away from chemical elements and products, as well as dangerous operations and surgeries. Thus, we brought for you the best natural methods that will help you to get bigger hips without any side effects.


How to get bigger hips naturally in a week

How to get bigger bum in a week

Wheat germ oil and yeast:

This recipe can help you to get bigger bum in just one week, in a natural and inexpensive way, and without any collateral damage. All you have to do is mixing two teaspoons of fenugreek in a glass of water, and then put it on the stove until boiling. Then, put it aside and wait till it became warm. Add 1 tablespoon of wheat germ oil and 1 teaspoon of yeast. Mix the ingredients well until you get a cohesive mixture. Now, using a clean cloth, put it in the mixture and then lie on your stomach and put the cloth on the buttocks (without clothes). Leave the cloth on your bum for 15 minutes, and then move it in a circular movement to activate blood circulation. Use this recipe on a daily basis to obtain the desired results.

How to get bigger buttocks naturally


Your muscles need a large amount of protein to grow. Thus, mackerel is an ideal choice for you. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and helps your body maintain the proportion of protein it needs for building its muscles.

Red pepper

As you know, this type of vegetable contains a high proportion of vitamin C, which means that it stimulates the process of collagen production, which is necessary for the growth of the tissues of your muscles. However, it is advisable to remove the peel of red pepper to make it easy to digest.


It does not contain a high amount of fat and is an important source of plant proteins. Also, it is rich in amino acids necessary to build muscle and to enlarge your buttocks; will you hesitate to add to your meals?


Add it to your dishes without hesitation. It stimulates cell growth and builds up your body’s muscular tissues, including those of your hips.

How to get bigger hips naturally and quickly

How to get bigger hips naturally

How to get bigger buttocks fast naturally


Replace your starchy foods, such as pastries and potatoes with quinoa, which is the most important vegetable source of whole protein and the essential amino acids. Both of them are necessary to promote muscle growth helping in enlarging hips.


Kiwi is one of the best fruits that contain a high percentage of vitamin C, which helps you maintain healthy muscles. This antioxidant component (vitamin C) facilitates the process of increasing the size of these muscles and protects their cells from damage.


We recommend that you eat this kind of cheese which is necessary to grow your muscles, why? Because it contains proteins rich in amino acids that help in building muscles. Then, you can add ricotta to your salad or add it to your breakfast.

How to get wider hips fast

Food and exercise

How to get bigger hips naturally by food? If you’re too slim, try to eat more, increase your weight, and get some curves in your body. Once you gain weight, your chest size will also be increased, not just your hips. If your weight is ideal, then you can go to the gym and do some exercises that may do the trick, and your trainer may suggest some foods to help you enlarge your buttocks. These foods include protein, which is the most important element for building muscles. Thus, you should follow a diet system containing milk, meat and eggs. Try to eat brown rice instead of white, and also add oats, beans and nuts to your diet. They are very useful for your body in general and your muscles particularly.

Body posture

Body posture also affects the shape of your buttocks. You should always stand upright with your back straight, and your buttocks will be prominent slightly. The bad body posture hides your buttocks, so try to keep a good body posture that does not hide your hips.

How to get bigger bum naturally fast

How to get bigger hips naturally fast without any recipes or surgeries? All you have to do is choosing the suitable underwear that can make your hips looks bigger. This kind of underwear has multiple layers around the buttocks making it looking bigger and more attractive. Also, you can wear short underwear with a lot of ornaments on its edges, which helps make the small hips look bigger. Choose light colours and brilliant fabrics, which inspire large size. Also, avoid belts that are worn on the waist. They will show the flatness of your buttocks, instead try choosing belts that settle on your hips showing big size. High waist girdle is also useful as it lifts the buttocks and makes it look bigger and rounded.

How to get bigger hips naturally in no time

Wider hips workout before and after

There is a simple exercise you can practice everywhere, while sitting in the office working on the computer or walking in your house. Grasp the muscles of your buttocks and then take a deep breath and then relax with exhalation, repeat this from 30 times a day for attractive and bigger hips.

How to get bigger hips naturally using Maxi Cire Cream

Maxi Cire cream is 100% natural product for enlarging your buttocks size fast. How to get bigger hips naturally using this cream? This cream is made of amazing elements that penetrate the tissues of this area and make them extended and widened. By using it continuously for only one month you will get the bigger bums you dream of.

We have mentioned previously how to get bigger hips naturally using recipes, foods, workout and natural cream. Maxi Cire Cream is the best product that can help you get bigger hips easily. You will be astonished by its fast and effective results. Just try it and you will never regret.

لاجٌ "ثوريٌّ" للضعف الجنسي عند الرجال!

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